Page Designer Print Sizes

I’ve been struggling with Page Designer and I can’t find the problem so I’m turning here for help. I’m keeping track of business expenses and I’m using Page Designer to print the expense report that goes with each receipt.

First Attempt: In an effort to keep things uniform, I scanned our existing form as an image and overlayed the fields. It kept printing a second, blank page no matter what I tried. I played with the image, played with margins, made sure everything fit well within the 8.5x11 page and nothing helped.

Second Attempt: I recreated our form using static text and while annoying that can only fill a box and not outline a box, I made sure everything was well within the page, and now not only do I still get the blank second page, but it’s printing with a very healthy margin and it’s enlarging everything, even though the margins are set to 0 and I have literally changed no other settings.

What am I missing here? Should a letter-sized page with a 0 margin not print as it shows on the screen? Each time, the screen looks perfect but the printed page is totally off-size. I did check and I have no scaling or any settings that would enlarge the page.

What are your Record Size dimensions in the Page Designer settings dialog?

It’s set to 8.5x11, which I think is the default because I didn’t set that myself. i’ll try making it smaller, like 7x10 and see what happens. Thanks for pointing that out!