Page Designer report that can summarize / group?

One of the ways we’re using Airtable is to track ecommerce sales from a photo gallery platform we use. Within the base, we have tables for transactions, bank deposits (these occur weekly) and the galleries the sales are coming from. So, each transaction record has all the transaction info along with what gallery it’s from and what deposit it’s included in.

Currently, to get a deposit report, I go to the transaction table, filter by deposit date and group by gallery. Then, print out the resulting view. This accomplishes what I am trying to do. But, I would LOVE to pull this off inside of page designer so I can add our logo, control fonts & layout etc.

Can anyone think of how to do this with Page Designer? So, a page for each deposit that has a table or list that sums all the sales, included in that deposit, by the gallery they’re from. There might be over 100 transactions, but only 8-10 galleries represented, so in that case, the report would only have 8-10 line items representing the 100 transactions.

Is this at all possible with Page Designer?