Page Designer: sort by date

I’m creating individual itineraries for attendees to an upcoming conference in page designer. I have a table of the activities, date/time, and location and I’m trying to sort the activities chronologically, but the dates/times are being sorted numerically (i.e. 5/31 2:00pm comes before 5/31 12:00pm). Has anyone had luck sorting by date in page designer? Thanks!

Hi and Welcome @Anna_Wegener,

Does it sort properly in the table itself? Check to see that your Date/Time column is actually a DATE column type.

Sounds to me like your column is setup as text OR possibly setup as 24 hour time and so the 2:00 is being treated as am, not pm.

Yes, it’s a date column in the table. I thought the same, but 11am is coming after 1pm as well.

There’s a sort records in the Page designer.


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That’s how I have them sorted. It’s sorting numerically though, not by time.

Perhaps there’s a glitch…??

I’d be happy to have a look at your base, if you’re willing to share it. If so, please email or share it to Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes yields new vision.


I had a brief look through your base and I can see that the date is a lookup and lookups are treated as “raw” text so it’s looking at 2 being less then 12.

There appears to be a glitch though.

I changed the time on the SCHEDULE sheet from Local to ISO / 24 hours which caused it to sort properly.


Then, wanting to replicate your issues, I reverted the time back to LOCAL/12 hours and it changed the format, but kept the CORRECT sorting.