Page Designer "Stuck" on a particular View?

Hey hi!
Ok. So I have a Table with multiple Views, each with a specific criteria of hidden tables and Page Designer set up to pull from various Views.

All seems totally normal.

BUT… when I attempt to edit a record from within the Page Designer Block using the “Expand Record” button, Page Designer will only ever show me the same specific View. Doesn’t matter what View I select in the Block’s dropdown; whenever I am trying to edit from “Expand Record” from within the Page Designer Block it seems “stuck” on showing me the same (read: wrong) View; a View that has all the wrong hidden fields.

I have reloaded the Block. I have disabled/enabled the Block.

Any ideas out there? Anyone noticed similar/same ?


OK. Update… Seems Page Designer’s “Expand Record” edit button defaults to whatever View is at the tops of the Base’s View drop down list. Once I shuffled the order and placed the View I wanted to edit from within Page Designer’s “Expand Record” at the top of the View drop down list everything was as it should be…


K bye

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