Page Designer Text Formatting



I have some data that I want to arrange in-line on my page designer like so:

{Retailer}, {Manufacturer}

Simple, right? I can type it into a static text object in the page designer as exactly the text above and it will get me what I want. HOWEVER, these two fields are sometimes intentionally left empty when they’re not relevant to the specific record. This means that often it will print as either:



, {Manufacturer}

or even


I obviously don’t want the comma and space to appear unnecessarily. I am feeling that there is probably a way to handle this as a combined formula field:

CONCATENATE(Retailer,", ",Manufacturer)

but I don’t know how to omit the ", " part of the formula when either Retailer or Manufacturer (or both) is blank.

Any help from some formula experts? Or perhaps an entirely different solution? This would help solve my major qualm with the page designer.


Retailer & IF(AND(Retailer, Manufacturer),”, “) & Manufacturer


Nice! Thanks Jeremy.

I wish I could just use ARRAYJOIN for this. It only works with rollup fields though, which is impossible in this circumstance where I need the combined info for a page designer that is pointed at the same table.