Page Designer to Illustrator Workflow



I’m printing records in a grid to a non-standard page size. I’d like to be able to then open this PDF in Illustrator and edit the pages further as necessary. However, there’s a bunch of annoying things I’m running into.

First and foremost, I can’t seem to pin down the font size. I’m setting my font size in the page designer to 10pt font, but when I open and edit the text in Illustrator, it’s actually 7.5pt. What could be causing this difference? Has anyone run into this?

It’s also not a very “clean” file. I’m sure a big part of this is Illustrator’s fault (CS6), but Airtable produces a huge amount of elements that Illustrator translates into masks and groups.

Has anyone had any experience with an Airtable to Illustrator workflow? I’m kind of floundering here.