Page UP / Page Down [SOLVED]

Hi, I searched the forum if my question is mentioned before, and I guess I didn’t look hard enough…

Anyway, I know I can go to the edge of the table using the CTRL+ arrows, but I really miss the page up and page down function.
Is it built in, and if so, what are the shortcuts?
If it’s not, is it on the list to have it implemented?

Regards and best wishes for 2018!

Hi Andre! Airtable now supports keyboard paging in grid view. When a cell is selected, you can use the following shortcuts to quickly navigate:

If your keyboard has Page Up/Page Down keys:

  • Page Up goes up
  • Page Down goes down
  • Alt + Page Up goes left
  • Alt + Page Down goes right

If your keyboard does not have these keys, you can use the Fn (Function) key instead:

  • Fn + Up goes up
  • Fn + Down goes down
  • Alt + Fn + Up goes left
  • Alt + Fn + Down goes right
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@Stephen_Suen I noticed it!! Wonderful. I love it. :smile: