Pagination from Airtable to Power BI

boy, where do I start.

so after two weeks of trying to get Airtable to bend the knee to more than 100 outputs per rest API call i have given up.

to get to know my environment i have a document with 150 rows and 12 columns that i would genuinely love to import to BI too do some visualization magic to but i’m stuck. I have at the moment connected Via rest api the data from the air-table “database” with the call. Yet of course that only return 100 values and in the advanced editor it retrieves as so.

from the wonderful community that surrounds this awesome Database i’ve found many sources that prompt me to deal with the Pagination that has tormented people in the past so I decided give it a shot and after a lot of shuffling around the internet i’ve come to believe the solution is to do this and replace the above code with this. yet all i gat is one column table with error and no data.

is this the right direction? in newish to air table and I don’t want this to beat me down.
is their a better option?
is it better to have a third part intermediary?

if i get this to work im going to make a video for the future newbs of Airtable.

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