Parent child data relationships


How do I set it up to allow new records inserted in a base to be automatically connected to a single parent? Example. I am wanting to do a financial planning inventory where I insert a client’s name and then add financial records. All of these would be child records to the parent client. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!


In your “Clients” table, you have a person named “Robin”. In "Robin"s row, you’ll have a cell that links to all of "Robin"s financial records. Click/tap the + button in that cell, and select “+ Add new record” at the bottom. A new Financial Record will expand, and it will automatically be linked to “Robin”. You can fill out all of the data, and then close it – after closing it, you will still be in the “Clients” table, and be able to see "Robin"s record, with his new Financial Record attached.