Parent/Child Relationship for Views


As my list of ‘Views’ evolves, I am finding it frustrating that there is no way for a view to inherit the changes I make in another view.
I would find it very helpful to create views in a hierarchy so that changes are inherited by the child view, but omitted (hidden) in the parent, if created in the child view… something like this:

Temporary column filtering and sorting

Ooh, very interesting


Thanks @Hashim_Warren. Would be helpful right!
Field Width, Field Order, Field Visibility… would be enough, I’d suggest.
Filter settings might be a step too far. What do you think?

Can’t be too hard to implement, can it?


I think this would be amazing, I similarly have views that would greatly benefit from being able to inherit from the parent. Every time I insert a column it stinks to have to go through every single view and move that column from the very end over to where I want it, and then adjust the width again, and so on and so forth. Even if there was an option when creating a new column or something to “perpetuate across all views” would be great. Or “apple to the following views” selections even.


One issue to solve is reminding users that a change on THIS view will affect THAT view. It has to be elegant and obvious.

Any ideas?


There is plenty of room in that title bar to add a little bit of detail…
Maybe some sort of a breadcrumb path to indicate your position on the hierarchy could help: