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I am creating a base of control of parking lots, I have created the tables that allow me to make reservations. I want to create a table with a calendar where, in each day, can be reflected the lots that are reserved, for example: I have a reservation of lot 01, which is reserved from 01/03/2022 to 4/03/2022, I want that in the calendar I could see reflected in the days 01, 02, 03 and 04 than the lot 01 is occupied. Is this possible?
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Do you already have a table set up?
If not, the easiest way I can imagine doing it is if you have the Lot number set up as a single select field, and then fields for Start Date and End Date. In the calendar, you’d set it as Start Date and End Date, and you could color it by the single select field.

Alternatively, you could set your record name field as a formula field that looks something like
{Lot Number}&" "&{Reservation Name}&" "&{Start Date}

Ahh, I think date ranges is a paid feature:

@Antoni_Iscla - you can also try the timeline view, which I think works well for this sort of use case. In this example, I’ve gots Lots as its own table, and link that to a reservations table, showing start and end date:

Now choose a timeline view and group the records by Lot:

This visually achieves a couple of things:

  • Overlaps in the timeline bars will show where booking overlap (and so need to be fixed)
  • Gaps between the timeline bars show where a lot is available to be booked.
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