Parse a string with separation

Hello guys,

I have this string : DECO > OBJET DECO > AUTRE OBJET DECO
and I would like only : AUTRE OBJET DECO
so only what is after the second >.

I tried with :
RIGHT( {Catégorie}, FIND( “>”, {Catégorie} ) -1 )

RESULT was " DECO" (The last 5 characters)

I really don’t understand why only the last 5 characters.

Hi @Belgana_France,

You’re getting that result because the formula is actually finding the first instance of >, not the last one. I would recommend using the MID function like the following:

            ">", {Catégorie}

This formula uses one FIND function to identify the first instance of >, while the second function uses that location (+1) as the starting point for the MID function. The 500 at the end is how many characters you want to return after >; it’s just set arbitrarily high to account for longer text strings, so you can adjust as needed.


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