Parse CSV Attachment With Integromat

So I have been working on various integrations using Integromat for my Destiny Search Project system. I have come to a roadblock and looking for some help…

I have an Attachment field in Airtable that has a .csv file in it. The file is formatted with the same fields as a table in the Airtable database. I want to be able to export the data from the csv then import it back to the other table. The issue I am having is figuring out how to use the Parse CSV tool in Integromat to run through the file from Airtable.

Hi @Damon_Talbot

I have a similar scenario, with a few different modules. I will include screenshots of the scenario and see if you might be able to use any of the information.

I hope you can find something useful.

Mary K

Or you could try this, using Google Drive. You would need to export the CSV file from Airtable in CSV format, then save it to Google Drive. Then you would run it through the scenario, similar to the one below. If you need any help with this part, let me know. I might be able to help you. Just disregard the Variable section near the bottom of the Tools module and the CSV section near the bottom of the CSV module (it’s a custom setup for my use case). If you need help with the setup for the Airtable modules, let me know. I will try to help out.

Thanks, the big thing I was missing was using the HTTP Module to actually perform the GET of the file. I was trying to reference it directly from the Airtable module. Now that I know how to get the files I changed my methodology a bit and using the JSON module instead which is working great.

Just some background and how we will be using the integration. We have been using a embedded form that our mapping team would have to fill out for each new map assignment being created for our search operations. Using the Integromat tool I am now able to have the mapping volunteer simply upload the GeoJSON file from our map tool and then it creates all the map assignments in Airtable at one time. Over the course of a major search with dozens or even over a hundred maps this could save a few hours overall in our process.

Hi @Damon_Talbot

That’s great!

I’m glad it worked out.