Parsing Data from Webhook

We use a webhook from Shopify to capture order data in Airtable. When the webhook comes in, we create a record in Airtable with pertinent order data. I want to parse out the line items in the order into another table for use in creating a packing slip.

Here is sample data: Airtable - MA Test
The Data table represents the data as it comes in from the webhook.
The Desired Output table represents the ideal output. This is where I need help, creating an automation/script to parse out that data into new rows.

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community, @Good_Ink!

I don’t know JavaScript, so somebody else would need to chime in below to help you with writing a script for this.

Since I don’t know scripting, my personal methodology for this would be to use, which is a no-code/low-code automation platform.

You can either use a Make webhook or their native Shopify modules to receive your Shopify data, and you can loop through your Shopify line items to create the desired output in Airtable that you’re looking for.

This would take a few hours to setup in Make, so I wouldn’t be able to guide you through the entire process here. You can likely figure it out on your own. But if your company has a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable & Make consultant to help you with this, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consulting — ScottWorld

I’ve put something together here that should do what you’re looking for

It currently only handles 4 line items, but you can make it handle as many as you want by just modifying the formula

Screen Recording 2022-11-24 at 10.55.30 AM

Works by using formula fields to put the line item name and quantity together, then using an automation to paste that into a linked field to the Desired Output table

The Desired Output table in turn has formula fields to separate the line item name and quantity out

To view the formulas, you can duplicate the base by clicking the title of the base at the top of the screen, then the three horizontal dots on the right, and then the “Duplicate Base” button.

Lemme know if you have any problems setting it up yourself (Or you can also hire me to set it up for you too!)