Parts Inventory Base

I’m trying to build a parts inventory database for all the component parts we use to build the products we sell, and have two questions I’m hoping someone has an answer for.

  1. I have multiple vendors for some components, currently in testing I’ve made a separate sheet of vendors, an in my inventory sheet I have a vendor column which links to the vendor list sheet so I can select one or multiple vendors. Is there a way I can also tie unique vendor part numbers per row as needed?

Example I have a part 1 is available from vendor A. Part 2 is available from Vendors B&C. I’d like to have a single vendor pert number for part 1, but separate vendor part numbers for part 2.

  1. I’m roughly categorizing parts on sheets as plumbing electrical, mechanical, and fasteners, but even within the rough categories there are different types of products in the list that need different specification fields. Can i call in a sub table of specification records? Can I display only fields that have data?

Currently I’m just creating a list of specifications in a multi line text field, but it doesn’t display well, nor can it be used for a drill down search.

Thanks in advance,


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