Pass fields other than {record_id}

I have created a simple contract tracing app using two tables, each with a form view. The first records the name and contract details of the visitor. On submission, form 1 redirects to form 2, prefilling a sign-out field with {record_id}.

I would like to also pass the visitor’s name to form 2 for the sake of clarity. Is this possible?

I don’t believe that you can pass any user-enter values from one form to another.

If you need to be able to display the user’s name to the user in subsequent pages/forms, you can try using a third party integration, such as On2Air’s Forms.

If you need to see the user’s name in Airtable, after the forms have been submitted, you can pull the name to the second table by using a lookup field for the name entered in the first table. If you are chaining together 3+ forms that fill the same table, you will have to manually do lookups after the first, or automate the process with another tool (Scripting block, Zapier, Integromat, etc.) (Trying to pull the username past the second linked record will result in circular references, which Airtable does not allow.)

If this answers your problem, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

Thanks @kuovonne, On2Air looks interesting.

I think the most elegant solution would be to allow forms to redirect to a formula-generated URL stored in a record field.

Step 1: Create a url to a custom form using a formula field:

Step 2: Set the form to redirect to the custom form URL generated in step 1.

It would be nice if a form could redirect to a url in the new record, but alas, that is not currently possible.

That functionality is used mostly when using a table as a source for emailing people who already exist in the database. The emails could then include a link to a form that was pre-filled with the person’s name and other relevant info. It is not designed as a field that the form itself can access.

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