Password protected shared Form views not loading after password is entered


My password-protected forms are not loading after entering the password. I get sent to a URL that appends /submitPassword to the form share URL, but it stays there. Refreshing resubmits the PW form and has the same effect. Going Back in the browser goes to the form share URL and acts as if the PW has been entered. This is not the behavior I expected - my users will expect the form to load after entering the PW. Is this happening due to intervention from my 1Password plugin?

Here’s a screen recording of it happening:


After extensive troubleshooting with Jacob (Airtable customer service rep) through the support channel, it was discovered that the bug only occurred when the password-protected, shared Form view was accessed via a link out from my ruby on rails web application.

The links are embedded in standard HTML, so it’s not clear what is causing them to act the way they do when clicked from within the application. If you are experiencing a similar issue, I will post the resolution here when I hear back from the Airtable team who are working on this.