Paste sets of number data into a multiselect field

I need to copy sets of data from Google sheets over to Airtable’s mulitselect field.

I have successfully copied the Example A sets of data into a multiselect and it works. But for some reason Example B data copies only 1 set of data, not the entire data set.

How can I achieve the same results as example A for example B.

Example A

Example B
contentIdCompleteDate :

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That’s very bizarre. This could be a bug in Airtable. What if you change the multiselect field to a linked record field (which is linked to a new table where the first column is text or number)? Does it work then?

maybe i don’t understand something, but it seems like you are triyng to copy the same number repeated many times which of course will result in a single value in a multiselect field
Like this (when i copy ‘numbers’ to multiselect field)


Oh, that’s correct, thanks! Values cannot repeat in a multiselect.


Simple yet I missed this. Thanks Alexey.

Case solved and closed.

Thank you Scott. I appreciate the help.

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