Pasting in multiselect options


I am adding a large number of records that have similar multiselect values, plus a few ones unique to the record. Is there a way to paste in a list of values, have it parse them, then allow me to add more?


Easiest way is to paste in your core list, either as CSV or a multi-select field. Next, define a single-line text field and enter the additional select options needed for the applicable records as a list of options separated by commas. Finally, define a formula field with the formula

{Multi-Select Field}&IF({AdditionalOptions},', '&{AdditionalOptions})

You can either reconfigure that field as a multi-select and delete your original multi-select and the {AdditionalOptions} text field or copy/paste the values from that field into your original multi-select and delete the last two fields. [Edit: I would like to apologize for the preceding sentence-like object.]

I described something similar and provided a demonstration base in this reply to an earlier post.

Let me know if you have any problems!