Pasting multiple records from Excel or text file

Ok this seems like it should be simple but I can’t figure out how to just cut and paste multiple records. It always overwrites the existing data rather than creating new records. Super frustrating considering how tedious it is to enter data manually into Airtable! What am I doing wrong?

When pasting into Airtable, create a blank record at the very bottom, after the last existing record. Then paste into that blank record. Airtable will add the necessary rows.

If you then want the records in a different order, you can adjust how the view is sorted.

That’s the way it should work, but it doesn’t, which is why it’s so frustrating. I go to the bottom of the existing records, I paste into the blank field, but what happens is that you scroll up to the top of the list and the new records got pasted over top of the existing ones

Here is a screen capture if it’s helpful. I try pasting in 5 lines from a text file but only one new record is created, the other 4 lines write over what was already there. What I want is 5 new records with the first field populated.

Hi @Tos_Fackenthall

Do you have the sort feature turned on, if so turn it off and try pasting again.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

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That worked, thank you @M_k!

Thanks for the screen capture! They are always helpful! Glad that M_k solved the problem for you. The screen capture showed that you had the sort feature turned on.

Hi @Tos_Fackenthall and @kuovonne

I recall reading about this suggestion by another member. I think it was @kuovonne, so I am glad it helped.

Mary Kay

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