Pasting New Record with Linked Field Doesn't Work As Expected


When I paste a new record from Excel into a table which contains a valid linked field, the linked field is not populating properly (but instead populating with three separate links rather than one link).

Because the linked field’s value contains embedded commas, on the Excel cell, I have enclosed it in double quotes, as documented in the instructions.

I have confirmed that the linked value exists precisely in the Airtable linked table and there is no extra leading or trailing white space.

When I paste the row from Excel into Airtable as a new record, the results are incorrect: notice how Airtable has pasted in three different links (incorrect) instead of one matching link (which would be the correct result).

Could you please help me understand how to fix this?


I’m guessing you meant to include a screenshot to clarify this point, but nothing was included.

Based on your description, it sounds like what you did should work, but having some visual reference would also help. If your data isn’t sensitive/private, perhaps you could share a link to your view. Click the share icon for the table, then select “Create a sharable grid view link.”