Patch a record using the primary field

Hi, I am trying to patch a record using the primary field. How would I go about doing this?

Use case:

I create a record and assign the primary field as the object’s unique ID.

A few minutes later I receive more information about this object and I want to add the information to the record. I do not have the airtable id that I received when I created the record, but I do have my unique ID for this object.

How can I update this record using my unique ID for the object, without airtables underlying id?

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It sounds like you are using the REST APi. You need the record ID that Airtable generates to update/patch the record. You cannot do this directly with only the primary field value. The primary field value is for display purposes—Airtable does not enforce uniqueness on this field.

If you do not have a way of saving the record ID from when it was created, you will need to create a formula field that shows the record ID. Then do a get on the table with filterByFormula based on the primary field value to obtain the record ID.

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