Payed users versos collaborators

Dear sirs,
In our company we are considering to use Airtable pro.
But a question emerged.
We can have non payed users accessing via forms or kanban modes and giving inputs. Or will they be considered payed users?
The use case is the following, we are onboarding partners and organisations and we will establish a simple CRM to schedule our work. Some users will engage with the forms to get assignments and progress the leads. But the cost will not scale if they are payed users.

thanks in advance,

Hi, this is AIRTABLE, money money money this is it. But its perfect…Be careful, Airtable dont two way sinchro. master table synchro to slave, but slave non synchro to master…

Welcome @Paulo_Carvalho to the Airtable community!

Every use that will need to edit records directly in the Airtable interface in a Pro workspace will need to be a paid user. Users that only enter data via forms, and only view data via shared views do not have to be paid.

If many people need limited edit access to data, you can also look into creating a portal with Stacker or MiniExtensions. Although these third party tools have a monthly fee, they are much more affordable than having multiple Airtable collaborators.

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