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I need to build a form to collect a person’s name and email address but when they sign up a small application fee is also collected. I am thinking of using Stripe or Braintree for payment processing.

The key question here is where will the backend database be hosted? On Stripe/Braintree or on Airtable or on both? Another angle w.r.t the same question: how to go about making a form that accepts a payment?

Have you done this before? If so, how did you do it?

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Hi @AFGF - not exactly sure from your description what your set-up is, but a suggestion:

  • Use a Jotform payment form to capture customer details and the payment (integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, others)
  • Send the collected form data to Airtable using the built-in Jotform integration


Hi JB :slight_smile:
Good morning.

Sorry about my unclear description. I am going to look at Jotform now and report back shortly on how/if it worked.



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Hi again JB:

If supposedly I did not use Jotform, and, instead used this Zapier integration:

Is there any technical difference between the output from Zapier and the output from Jotform? Or, would they change the capabilities of my database in any way?

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Hi @AFGF- so it looks like you can do Stripe -> Airtable in Zapier, i.e. when a new charge is created in Stripe you can push the data into your Airtable base. However, it doesn’t look like you can do Airtable -> Stripe, e.g. create a charge in Stripe from a new Airtable record (or submission of an Airtable form). So, you’re going to need some sort of form to capture the customer and card details - all of the well known form providers offer this - Jotform, Wufoo, Cognito - have this form integrate with Stripe, then use Zapier to send Stripe data to Airtable. Make sense? Stripe also offers hosted checkout pages so this could also be an option, i.e. lose the 3rd party form and just have Stripe. That said the 3rd party form solutions have done a lot of work to make presenting a payment form easier. I know from experience that the Stripe checkout pages aren’t as easy to set up as, say, a Jotform payment form.

But to answer your question, there’s no difference in the data that comes from Stripe via Zapier or Stripe via Jotform - just a question of building the base to match what each service can send. And if Stripe is the payment gateway in either case, this is going to be the same, I imagine.


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Your explanation is rad. I totally get it. It all makes sense. Will definitely share the final product in “Show and Tell” section!!! :smiley:


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