PDF Attachment Previews not Rendering


Up until a couple of weeks ago, attached PDFs icons rendered properly, as did gallery icons. Now, attached PDFs only show as generic icons until clicked to preview. Has something changed? All of our bases are now behaving this way.


Hm, that definitely sounds like a bug! Can you email support@airtable.com with information about which operating system and browser (or Airtable desktop app) version you’re using?


I have something similar with Excel attachments: sometimes the preview shows, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it doesn’t, it shows a picture of a blank document with the word ‘Document’ on top, no Excel icon (like in de post about the PDF attachment). In the end we always manage to get the preview, but only after multiple trials and error, which is very time consuming. We have not been able to see a pattern in when it happens and when it doesn’t at, it seems very random. All three colleagues working in the same Airtable have the same problem.


Recently ran into this issue as well. I use Zapier to trigger a workflow when adding a file to Google Drive to create a record and attach the .pdf to the new row. Works as expected, but the preview of the document does not display.


My team had the same issue. You need to do the Google Chrome update in your Chrome settings. My team could not see the second page of pdf attachments, but I could. When I had them do the update in Chrome, they were then able to view and download the second page of the attachment.