Performance is (Still) slow

community .airtable .com /t/terrible-performance/25781

Shout out to Jason at AirTable to just claiming the problem was resolved and closing off the thread from any further responses.

I’m sorry to tell you, it ain’t resolved. Saving anything takes an extraordinarily long amount of time still.


Hi @Adam_Grant,

We’re best able to help troubleshoot any lingering problems if you write in directly to our support team. Please do write in if you’re still having issues saving, loading, or anything else. Thanks so much!

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It’s not just me, as you can see from the other thread. I just wrote a note in to support.

Why not just look into the issue now?

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Thanks for submitting a ticket Adam, we’ll be able to help out more there :+1:

Jason - I just opened a ticket as well. As noted there, anything that seemingly takes place entirely in the browser is still near-instantaneous – display of a read-only link, application of a filter, and so on. Server-side actions (duplicating a base or view; field modifications in a write-enabled base; displaying a table that makes use of complex calculated fields, such as my dedupe routines) are what’s showing the delay. That might help explain why some users are purring along but others dragging…


Yep - that’s what I’m seeing as well - if the user has the data, they can peruse the data just fine. However, that behavior is short-lived eventually leading to easily observed issues.

Bear in mind - ALL integration processes are server-side. :wink: Ergo, ALL integrations are failing when there are server-side issues.

Same problem here too. We use airtable for job management but none of our work orders are opening at the moment.

Just a thought: is being part of an active beta a common denominator?

@Kamille_Parks This was a broader issue across the platform, but good thought!