Persist data based on conditions (new field type)

I’d like to be able to create fields that cache data the moment its condition is met. The cached data should be continuously displayed until additional, optional conditions are met.

For example, another user was trying to cache dates when a checkbox was toggled. Could they just use a ‘date modified’ field? Sure - but that’s fairly limiting. What if users want to log a timestamp when a given single select is selected?

How it might look

Status (single select)

Last Revised (conditional store)
Store Condition:
If Status is “Revised,” store the current time.
Update Condition:
If Status was something else, and now it is “Revised” again, store the current time.

Revision Counter (conditional store)
Store Condition:
If Last Revised has a value, then store the value 1.
Update Condition:
If Last Revised has been modified, then +1 to the stored value.



I would absolutely love to see these features as well – Thank you @Zollie for writing this out so well!



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This would definitely be cool. This can be automated with external tools (such as Integromat), but it’s not currently built into Airtable.

However, one feature that people don’t always know about is that the “Last Modified Time” field can be set to ONLY trigger if certain field(s) are updated. That definitely doesn’t give you the full solution that you’re looking for, but it could perhaps help a little bit. (In fact, that functionality would definitely be important if you used external automation tools.)

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I totally agree Scott :ok_hand:t5: