Personal Activity Journal with Data Visualization and Tracking


I’d love some feedback and pointers on if/how I can create a personal activity tracking journal in Airtable. It seems like Airtable could be used for this, I am just not sure how hard it would be to build it. I am a TOTAL newbie to AT, and not generally a database, numbers kind of guy. That said, here’s what I am looking for:

  1. I’d like to track my daily activities: running, skiing, biking, walking, etc - both for distance, time and type of activity. and any notes I may have about how i am feeling.
  2. I’d like to track my sleep, and compile notes on my food intake
  3. It would be really cool if I could import data from my Garmin GPS watch. Total bonus, but awesome.
  4. By doing this, I’d like to see how all combinations of activities, food, sleep affect my life.

It’s an activity journal with data vis capabilities. Does that make sense? Does anyone have any idea how this would work? Is it already developed in any form?

Many thanks for your thoughts and feedback.


You may want to check the ‘Health and Self-Improvement’ category at Airtable Universe (or just search Universe for keyword ‘fitness’). Searching here at Airtable Community for ‘fitness’, ‘exercise’, or ‘workout’ will turn up other Airtable users who’ve built similar bases, some of which may have been shared here by their authors. off the top of my head, I can’t recall any that attempted to track the same mixture of data you hope to store, but you may be able to find components spread across a number of published bases you can draw from and combine.


Thanks! That gives me a direction at least. Much appreciated.