Personal Block Views


I find it strange that with the release of the blocks platform, users cannot create personal block views/dashboards. I think it diminishes the brilliance of blocks, and is definitely killing adoption for us. The single blocks view isn’t very useful when we have dozens of people using our base, all needing to look at different facets of the data.

One of my co-workers said … “until blocks have personal views, they’re dead to me”


I completely agree! I love blocks, but it gets clustered very quickly if you’re using it to pull multiple reports. Also, if you’re team is using the time tracking block, your blocks view is completely jam packed. I hope they create personal views for blocks ASAP!


We are also having the same issue.


I asked them about this and they said it’s on the road map!


Airtable just released blocks dashboards! You guys rock :metal: