Personal view with Owner OR Collaborator AND Status is not Complete

I am trying to figure out a way so myself and other team members can filter out any records with the status “Completed” AND they can see all records where they’re marked as the Owner OR a Collaborator. I’v seen this Airtable Support post about AND/OR logic and the solution doesn’t work when one of the fields in the formula is a Collaborator field.

Can there please be a way to use AND/OR logic at the same time so I can create one, go-to view for myself and other team members that won’t be gunked up with already completed tasks? Or can you please create a view that will automatically show any record where the user is selected from the Collaborator drop down and we can add whatever other filters we want? This would save me so much time and inconvenience.

@Lauren_Bell, it should be possible to use AND/OR logic with collaborator fields. Can you show me your formula and describe why it’s not working / what it is returning? Perhaps we can get it working.

Hi Jeremy, thank you for replying. Essentially, this is what I’m trying to see in the same view with my Airtable:

  • See all records where I’m marked as Owner AND filter out any record marked as Completed
  • OR See all records where I’m marked as a Collaborator AND filter out any record marked as Completed

According to the Support article I found, this is not possible to setup within the Airtable filters because it won’t know what order of operations to do since I can’t structure it like how I did as above. I can only do OR or AND logic, not both at the same time.

You’re correct that it can’t be done with only filters, since you can’t mix OR and AND filters.

But what you can do is create a formula field that checks whether you are marked as either Owner or Collaborator, and use that as your Filter field - this way you can incorporate both OR logic and AND logic in your filter.

So create a new Formula field (perhaps called {Lauren's Task?}, and give it this formula:

      Owner = "Lauren Bell",
      Collaborator = "Lauren Bell"

And then set your filter to show you records where {Lauren's Task?} = 1 AND {Completed} = False.

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Thank you so much Jeremy! This helped me tremendously.

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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