Phone app: desktop shortcuts to a specific view in a base

It would be very useful if the mobile Airtable app would allow us to create a shortcut icon on our phone homescreen. That way, one tap would open a specific view in a particular base. Since I have created more than one base with several tables and numerous views, I currently need to concentrate when navigating to the required view, requiring four taps.

Only a few of my views are meant for on-the-fly viewing/editing (on my iOS phone), so selectively creating shortcuts would be a very welcome feature.

Indeed, Airtable has not supported URL Schemes as most apps have chosen to support - see more here.

One would think that it would be a brief exercise to create home screen shortcuts that would just recognize and launch the native Airtable iOS apps. However, it’s not that simple because none of the shortcut apps (including Apple’s) are able to see Airtable - ergo, it’s URL scheme is [apparently] not registered in iOS.

But there is a way to mitigate this issue with [ironically] Airtable itself. It’s not ideal, but it does help.

Create a base with all of your key views - use that app as a high-level shortcut manager. Drop in all your key view names and links and it works pretty well.

Wanna get to that view but can’t remember the base or the table? One tap to open the Views base; one tap to select the view; one tap to launch the view.

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