Phone Calls and Emails logs

Are there any ways to automatically log phone calls and emails to airtable? I was trying to set up Zapier, but it failed over and over again, so I somehow had to give up on it after two days of trying :confused:

Any suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks!

Better yet would be not only an automated way of doing this for emails sent to customers/clients but also being able to select which ones are stored. I know some apps/tools allow you to use an email address in the BCC field so that when you include that email address in the BCC field, it gets recorded into the database.

Not sure if this would be possible with Airtable. There’s also the question of security with respect to sending an email to another random email address. Several firms and compliance departments may have issues with this.

I’m not sure what phone system or email you are using but I was unable to use zapier to log my ring central phone calls as well. BUT integromat has been able to log both my incoming and outgoing calls for me and put them into my Airtable with no problem