Pivot Fields in a Table To Rows

Hey AirTable Family,

Is there a way to pivot columns to rows in AirTable?

For example when I import an excel csv with contact name and 10 phone numbers on each row, is it possible to create a view / table from that table (in AirTable) which will pivot the 10 phone numbers to rows while repeating the contact name?

I want my assistant to record dispositions for each phone call.


Welcome to the community, @Letron_Brantley!

You would need to create 3 tables: “contacts”, “phone numbers”, and a join table called “phone calls”.

The join table would act as the “intersection” between contacts & phone numbers in a “many-to-many relationship”.

Each record in this join table would be a phone call (i.e. a unique combination of contact, phone number, date/time of the call, and any notes from that call).

(You would also use linked record fields to connect the tables together, and lookup fields to pull in information from one table to another table.)

You can read more about “many-to-many relationships” in Airtable’s documentation here:

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