Pivot Table | More Functionality Needed

I’m really underwhelmed by the lack of pivot table functionality, which are basic features in google sheets and excel:

  1. Sorting (Can only sort by field used for rows, why not sort by other fields not shown?) Also mentioned here: Sort Pivot table by Column values
  2. Exporting
  3. Formatting
  4. Mark-up

I’m sure there’s other stuff missing that I’m not running into yet.


Pivot table conditional formatting would be so helpful! Currently I have to copy the contents of the table into a google sheet to have the ability to visually highlight trends in the data.

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+1 ! Also some ability to set filters in the pivot table would be great

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i found a way to get your pivot table into excel. Right click on pivot table and print frame in mac, you can then print to pdf and using online converters convert pdf to excel. A total pain, but still better than manually recopying all the data.