Pivot table or group/sort or?

I have a base with several tables that link. We are a horse show association and I’m trying to pull together either a view that I can share with my members or a report I can download to paste on our website.

I have these fields

Last Name
First Name
Horse Name

Our members can earn points in any class. So I need a report that shows classes and the points associated. They may have 1 row or 100+ rows for a single class. I need to sum the Points for each class by name/horse name.

They can also earn points in disciplines. Similar to classes, I need to sum the points for each discipline.

Then I have a tricky one - our overall. It sounds like it should be easy, just the total number of points a member/horse earn. But we pull out one type of class for most members. If they show in both types of classes they can only earn points in one type based on what they select at the beginning of the year. This only affects the overall - all of the points combined from all classes minus the type of class they did not select.

If anyone has any ideas, I’m very open!

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