Please Add Hyperlink Formula

Google Sheets has a formula called Hyperlink.
HYPERLINK(url, [link_label])
HYPERLINK(“”, “Google”)
Where url is The full URL of the link location enclosed in quotation marks, or a reference to a cell containing such a URL.

and link_label - [optional] is the text to display in the cell as the link, enclosed in quotation marks, or a reference to a cell containing such a label.

It would be helpful if airtable could do this too.
My use case: Zapier finds new google docs in a special folder and adds records to an airtable which includes TITLE and URL. I have a view of that table that is embedded on my internal google site so that all new content in that folder (medical protocols) are available to my staff. It would be quite nice to have one field (a clickable link) rather than two - the title and an ugly url.

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I can’t move most of my GSheets to Airtable until this is supported. Three main reasons:

  1. Having a string placeholder for a URL is simply easier to understand and friendly to look at
  2. It makes collaboration easier, as people don’t need to recognise a URL, they simply see this is an “Article” url, or “Doc” url.
  3. Right now without hyperlink, you can’t import URLs from GSheets as it loses all the links you’ve added

I can’t wait for this to be added, it’s really the last missing piece for me to switch to Airtables extensively.


This is an important feature for us as well, to allow linking back to an app based on ID.


I would really like this feature as well. This will allow for more user-friendly looking shared tables.

I.e. If I have a public base/table, visitors can see “Visit Website” or “Open Article” instead of a long or ugly url. Plus, as your suggestion is a formula, it would allow combinations with IF() functions to get display text customized for each record.


Would love a hyperlink feature!! Would make the page renderings so much greater

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  • 1 for this! Desperately needed.

Yes, please add hyperlinks!!!

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100% this. Despite all the fancy bells and whistles I love about Airtable, this missing feature is keeping my team and I chained to Google Docs.


real question not trolling, how does the URL field or formula field not serve your needs? I use URL fields and formula fields to dynamic generate clickable URLs constantly. I’m misunderstanding your needs I think. :slight_smile:

For me, its an aesthetics thing. I’d rather have Open Article be in visible than

I’m using the URL field but I’d prefer to add a URL to any plain text. Is this really not possible?


Because I have complex spreadsheets I use to manage articles, and each row has around 4 links. If these are raw links the document is almost unusable, but if you can turn the links into “Doc”, “Article”, “Admin”, “Images”, etc, then you can easily comprehend what each column is for as you’re using it. You can also see which words are linked, and which have not been linked yet.

I’m surprised there’s no word on this over 6 months later, seems like a no brainer feature to add?


Absolutely need this to hide the confusing form prefill URLs.

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In complete agreement with everything here. Would love to see this feature added. My eyes need things to look cleaner!

I’ve contacted AirTable asking them to provide an official response on this. Would be great to know if it’s being considered (or not), or maybe it’s even in development already.

I have spreadsheets with hundreds of rows using “Hyperlink”, and the import feature strips the link data, so right now it’s impossible for me to move these from GSheets to Airtable.

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I contacted Airtable and got a update, TL;DR they’re probably working on it :+1:

Thanks for reaching out about this! At the moment, we don’t have a way to allow custom (markdown/html) formatting of a link—the url will always be shown in its full form. However, this is something we’re keenly aware of the importance of, for use cases exactly like yours. To that end, we’re working on something that would unblock this. While that’s not likely to solve your immediate problem (the workaround, as you note, is to use a url field), it may help you in the longer term. That said, as a general rule, we don’t share public timelines for features we’re working on, or specific details about our decision making process around how we’ve prioritized certain features over others. Rest assured that we spend a lot of time reviewing requests from the community, talking to our users, thinking deeply about what will add the most value for them, and working to implement quickly as we can. While I am sympathetic to the fact that it can seem like we’re not paying attention or prioritizing the most important or obvious features, I promise you we spend a lot of time thinking this through.


I really need this as well! The ability to add a hyperlink instead of the full link address would make this way easier for my staff to read, especially since some of them are so long and it looks terrible.

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Is this possible yet?


I’d like a real hyperlink option in the Short Text or Long Text field types.

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