Please Add Hyperlink Formula

Google sheets goes farther than this. Even numerical fields can be hyperlinks. I have sheets where almost every field is a hyperlink. Some fields are short text, some long text, some numbers (with math like sums performed on them), some categorical (which is just text in G-Sheets).

Every field should be able to be an http hyperlink to an external web page.

Fields in Airtable operate very, very differently than cells in Sheets do. Adding hyperlink support beyond Formula fields and Short/Long Text fields would be nice, but I don’t think literally every field should have a hyperlink function; that would literally break the functionality of Link to Another Record, Lookups, Checkboxes, etc.

I have a lot of spreadsheets that I’d love to import into Airtable, but they contain hyperlinks.

When I convert these spreadsheets to .csv (so that I can import them into Airtable), the hyperlinks get flattened - the text is retained but I lose all the URL data.

It would be great if Airtable could handle this in some way so that the hyperlink data is retained, even if it split it out nto two cells (note: I could possibly copy and paste this data straight into Google Sheets, and go from there, retaining the hyperlinks … just need Airtable to be able to handle them!)

@Neil_Webb Airtable would need to add support for Excel files for that to work. When Excel exports a file as .CSV, it loses all formatting info including the original link for any program trying to open it. CSV files are a “what you see is what you get” file type, so to speak, in that regard.

I am in favor of adding support for importing from Excel files (.xls) directly, which may solve maintaining hyperlink data.

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I’ve only been using airtable for a few hours and already found 2 thinks I think are essential that can’t be done… this and wrapping column headers… I may not go further with the product…

I’d love to see this one get implemented—many of my grids need to be exported and reformatted for this reason.

I am shocked there isn’t basic hyperlink functionality. It shouldn’t have to be a formula/function. This is basic stuff for text editing. Should also be able to use a shortcut to hyperlink Airtable content with square brackets or some other symbols.

I saw this in the Airtable Updates. Looks like the feature has already been built?

As mentioned above, it has been done using the Rich Text field type. The thread is still open for requests relating to adding an actual HYPERLINK() formula and/or adjusting the functionality of the existing URL field type.

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:wave: Hey all! I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching the beta for button field, a new field type that allows you to create buttons that trigger customizable actions. Our first action is open URL, which lets you open links based on a URL formula. You can use this to do things like:

  • Send emails
  • Open Airtable forms with prefilled records
  • Create Google Calendar invites
  • Open JIRA tickets
  • Post tweets
  • And much more!

In addition, you can customize the label and style of the buttons.

Interested? Sign up for the beta here:


Great news! Simple, but powerful.