Please help...I'm not computer savvy: Linking fields problems



I’m not a techie, I have no training in spreadsheets or anything computer at all. I’m REALLY stuck on what I assume is a very simple little thing and I hope someone can help me.

So I have started an Etsy shop and what I’m selling are vintage items. Because there is such a wide variety of objects I’m selling, I created a base to streamline the time it takes to list a new item.

So my first table (tab) is my main place where I log in my item information. It is called “Inventory”.
Within “Inventory” are these columns / fields:

Item | Photo | Sourcing | Paid | Worth | Categories | Root Keywords | Tags | Title | Link

I have created a link to a new table for each of the columns / fields too so each one has its own table titled the same as the column / field of this first table.

So what I need is to see a list of all unique keywords found under a specific category or categories without them being separated by item.

So for example if I had an item like a kids halloween book, I would list it as such:

ITEM: Monster Holidays book

CATEGORIES: Picture Books, Halloween

ROOT KEYWORDS: halloween monsters // funny // halloween // halloween book // nostalgic keepsake // playful picture book // grandchild grandchildren // gift ideas from // storybook story book // creepy cute weird // cute childrens kids // retro vintage old // kids book // softback softcover paperback // from childhood // old illustrated pages

Okay so lets say I have 50 Items, and of those items, 3 would be in the “Halloween” section of my categories tab, and 17 of them would be in the “Picture Books” section of my categories tab. Then some will be “Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers” or “Wall Decor” etc.

Each Item would have its own list of “Root Keywords” that I use to help me describe the item in my listing so that I can be found by a customer looking for my item. Some of the Keywords I use will be the same across all of the listings in the same category (like “old illustration pages”) and some will be unique to the one specific item (like “creepy cute weird”).

So what I need that I can’t seem to figure out:

I need to select one or more categories and see a summary of ALL the Root Keywords that are linked to that Category without any duplicates and without being separated by Item. So basically something like this:

Category: Picture Books

Root Keywords:

lksjdfijenf, sodifksdjfljsd, soijflskj lskdjfij slkdjfsjd, kjfosidf slk, soeinks soiekjfsiejfj siefnfn so, sdfjsdiek, sdkfl sdfjshdf, sidfsdnfi soienfskef, soieflskdfh skdie, sleifesofh sleife soeiweflsd, soiefnskf soieofseoi, slkdfi, soeifneiofi soeifoisef jieiefslkfj, wefiweifwoief, owieesldflsdf seiflse seiefnfflse, eiefsdjfl woeifelskfjwie, oweifeslekruiser oieeejs ief, owkeflskdf soeifslkdf, woflsdfsldf …

Every Root Keyword used in every Item that had the “picture book” Category selected would be included but all duplicates removed.

Or even better would be if I could select more than one Category and see a Root Keyword summary, like for example I have novelty s&p shakers and I have halloween stuff and I also have halloween s&p shakers. So, I need to look up all Root Keywords found in the “halloween” and “novelty s&p shakers” Categories without any duplicated keywords.

By linking each column / field to a new table I thought I would be able to achieve this but it’s not happening even when I create links to the Category table and the Root Keywords table. When I log the data into my main table (my Inventory table) the information only copies to the main linking table and the columns / fields that I included remain blank. I was hoping it would auto-populate as I wrote it into my main “inventory” table but it doesn’t.

Okay so that’s it. This is probably the simplest function in the world but I’ve spent hours and hours and even shed a few tears trying to figure out how to do this and I’m utterly stumped. I really hope this is a function of Airtable because I really need it for my business.

Thanks all~




Hi Valerie

It sounds like it might be helpful to create a “SHARE” link of your database to your post, since it seems that you have an extensive database. This way if others want to take a look, it might be easier to help you.

You may also want to include what Airtable plan you are using, each plan has its own features and there are some plans that have the same features.

Here is a link to all the plans and pricing, jerk in mind that the yearly prices are a bit cheaper, but the monthly fees are slightly more, check at the top of the page for a slider that has, both monthly and yearly costs. The prices are in US$.

I also found a link that goes through the features.

You can edit your posting by selecting the gray pencil image at the bottom of your post.

Here is the link to provide information on how to share your database, the link is inside the box, to open:

I hope that this information is helpful.