Please help with basic formula producing Infinity & the wrong count

I have a formula to calculate how many plants I can fit in a 10x12" square. My formula goes: 10/Spacing * 12/Spacing.

(Spacing is a column where I record the number of inches of distance a plant needs).

The formula works, except for in two instances- 1. When I have not filled out the spacing column yet, the formula produces ‘INFINITY’ as the result. I’d like it to return a blank field instead of returning ‘INFINITY’. 2. When the plant requires two 10x12" squares (i.e. when the Spacing is 24"), the formula produces 0. I would like that changed to 2, or even better, an actual calculation with a decimal, like 1.5, 2.5, etc. Can anyone help? I’ve searched similar issues but can’t find anything that helps me.

Hi @Brittanie_Anderson,

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For your first question, you can do an IF formula that in case Spacing is blank, the answer is blank. If not, then your formula is calculated.

IF({Spacing} = 0, " ", 10/Spacing * 12/Spacing)

As for your other question, check the Formatting of the field, change it to Decimal.


Thank you! Everything worked except for now the Formula itself is displaying as a long string of decimals and it is saying “Your result type is not a number or a date. Formatting options are currently only available if your result type is a number or a date.” I think this is because of the blank answer part of the formula. Is there a way to alter the formula to make the results display as an integer or one decimal maximum?

UPDATE: I tried editing the blank display to ‘0’ just to get a number in there, and it still didn’t work.

What is the Field type you have in this column? It should be a Formula field to work. If you put Zero, remove the quotation marks.

Thank you. Removing the quotes fixed it!

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