"Please make this app bigger or fullscreen" not working

Hi there, I am trying to use the Matrix app, but I can only see the matrix when it’s fullscreen. No matter how wide I make it, it isn’t showing up. Anyone have any ideas on how to view without making it fullscreen?

Welcome to the community, @Tanner_Johnston1! :smiley: Some apps are designed to only work when expanded to full screen. There’s no way to change this operation from the user end. The best you can do is write to Airtable support and ask them to update the app, but a) there’s no guarantee that they’ll do it, and b) without knowing their design methodology for that app, that may not even be an option.

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Also consider that “Please make this app bigger” may refer, in this instance, as much to the height of the app as it does to the width.


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