PNG Files not previewing

It seems .png files aren’t previewing in my base anymore, which is making the Web Clipper block a lot less useful now!

Has anyone else had this issue? Right now I have to download the file and convert to JPG then reupload for them to preview, but .png files used to preview automatically for me.

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Same for me! However, after a few minutes, I was able to view them. Not sure what happened

I think it was a bug they were able to fix, but they are a bit slower than they used to be! I wonder if it has to do with the size of my base.

I am still having this issue, do you know if this was solved?

It still happens to us occasionally. Our base is almost out of storage so I’m not sure if that’s the reason. Downloading and reuploading as a .jpeg usually works (though it’s not ideal).