Points submission and tracking

Hey everyone! I’m new to Airtable and wondering if it can help me. I’m needing something that will allow my company’s brand ambassadors to submit forms for approval showing that they completed certain tasks for points. For example, liking and commenting on one of our Instagram posts would give them 2 points. I need to create a form where they can submit a screenshot to get approved for this task.

I also need for their points to automatically be awarded if I approve their form. Working with the same example as above, I would want the ambassador to have a spreadsheet of some kind that shows the forms they have submitted, which ones have been approved, which ones are pending, and how many points they have with the approved forms.

Is there a way I can create this with Airtable? I didn’t want to spend half a day learning this site if it wasn’t even possible to get what I wanted out of it.


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