Poor implementation of the new keyboard shortcut for views

Looks like a gradual rollout, but there is a way to navigate between views. The keyboard shortcut is the same (Cltrl-SHift-K) but a new sidebar appears and doesn’t go away after the view has been switched. Moreover, the keyboard focus doesn’t shift to this box - so if you type a view name, you will end up typing in one of your records by mistake.

This is BAD UX. There was nothing broken to fix. Product manager - this is NOT useful. Revert back to the old one, or give me a choice to stay with the old way.

Totally agree. It’s one of the worst decisions Airtable has ever made. It makes their product completely & totally unusable, especially on smaller laptop screens.

The problems with it are endless, not to mention that it even cuts off the names of longer views — so you can’t even see the full name of a view that you may want to switch to!

There is a long thread on this topic at the link below, where almost every day somebody finds a new reason to hate this interface change.

Please add your comments to that thread.

So far, Airtable has steadfastly refused to reverse this terrible change, but who knows — maybe your voice in that thread will be the voice that makes a difference:

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