Populate a Form's "Multiple Select" options using the same Table's "Primary ID"


I have a fairly simple question, but I’m not sure how to do it in Airtable:

I have a group of students that are completing book reports. I have the “Students” table with a list of all students, and I’m creating a “Book Report” form for them to fill out when they finish a book. When completing their form, I want them to be able to select their name from a Multiple Select list of students in the “Students” table so that their Book Report will be automatically linked to their record. The form is located in the same “Students” table.

How can I create a Multiple Select field on the “Book Report” form which is populated using the Primary ID (student name) on the “Students” table?

Thank you!!!


Hi @M_L ,

You need a Linked Record field not a Multi Select field


That makes so much sense. THANK YOU.

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My pleasure :slight_smile: glad i can help

One follow up question: Is there also a way to have the Linked Field populate the form with a Dropdown Menu instead of the “+Add” button and Popup?


Unfortunately not directly in Airtable forms.

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