Populate all cells in a column w/ all linked records by default


Since nested tables and multiple check boxes currently aren’t available, I feel like the most intuitive approach to a repeating list of tasks might be to go with using a linked record to a ‘Task Table’ , As some have suggested.

I’m developing this to be as easy to grasp as possible for the volunteers helping us, So am trying to find a way to make it easy to check off tasks (given the current limitations).

What I currently have is a linked column to a task table. Next to it is a count column that makes it easy to see the number of tasks left to complete. I find it a lot easier to delete tasks (the linked records) that have been completed, Rather than the three or four clicks of selecting each record as a time. So what would make things a lot easier would be able to have all the cells in ‘The Task column’ (In the ‘Schedule Table’) populated by all the records in the ‘Task Table’.

Is there a way to do this, or is this a feature that needs to be added?