Populate calendar view from array date record

I would like to creat a master calendar of my team to see if who is available or unavailable on what day.
I have a table for staff and another for project. Each person can have many projects (with date record) and each project can have many people working together. When I create a calendar view from staff table, persons with one date record show up but persons with many date in a record does not, so is there a way to do it.

Hiya – here, instead of linking the projects table directly to the people table, I think you’ll want to add a “junction table” on which you’d have a record per person per project (so if Bob is working on Project A and Project B, there’d be two records: “Bob – Project A” and “Bob – Project B.”

Our Beginner’s guide to many-to-many relationships outlines how to set up these kinds of tables/bases.

Hope this helps!