Populate / Update iPhone Contacts w/ Airtable


I am using Airtable as THE source of all my contact information (e.g. CRM). I would like to, somehow, have Airtable populate my iPhone contacts db (and update it when changes are made in Airtable).

I have Airtable on my iPhone (as well as my PC); but, that does not give me the features that the integrated iPhone contacts db provides.


This is not something Airtable will be able to do natively, but since you are using iPhone, you could try using the Shortcuts app to create a shortcut that hits the Airtable API, pulls contact data, and then adds it to your Contacts app. I can’t provide any further assistance in writing the actual shortcut, just letting you know that this may be something that is possible since the Shortcuts app is capable of working with API’s, and Airtable provides an API for retrieving data.