Populatin 2 bases with the same information



Is it posible to populate a second base form a primary base. Eg i have a main base where i have all my information but i want to share certain information with 1 customer but can let them see other customers information.


You could create a View and Filter it by Customer, and then share the View with that customer.

Also, you can automate some copying processes with Zapier or Integromat:



Thank you for the reply. Is there a way of locking this view for the customer so the can unfilter things


That’s what a shared view is – if you filter a table in a view so that it only shows records where {Client} = “Acme, Inc.”, no other client’s records will show in that view. If you use the share menu to create a shared view link, and send that link to “Acme, Inc.”, they will have access to view all the records in that view, and only the records in that view. They cannot “unfilter” it to show your other client’s records. In fact, they can only further filter it to filter down their own records by some other criteria.


The viewer of the share link will not see any records that are hidden in this view.

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