Populating a table with records


How can I populate a table with Records from another table? for example. I would like to have a checkbox that when “checked” adds a Record to another table in the same base. When I “un-check” said box the record is deleted from the conditional table. This is essentially a view across multiple tables.


This is not something you can do with Airtable’s native functionality - but it can be done by using external automation services (like Zapier, for example).

Are you wanting the record that is created in the “conditional table” to be identical to the originating record, or is it a different kind of record entirely?

If the records are identical, then you’re right, it really is a View you are speaking of, and what you want could really be achieved by creating a dedicated view in the first table that filters out “un-checked” records.

If the new records that are created or deleted are not identical to the originating records, then external automation is really your only choice. I can offer more help with that if desired, but automation this heavy is going to require a subscription account with an automation service.


yes i need this function, too

i need auto, senario

when i add a class record
other payment table, certain record will auto add a linked record on the linked field “already paid”.