Populating fields with default values from linked table

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I try to create a table for Calls (duration, caller name, description, some statistic data about the caller (sex, age, location)).

I have another table with Regular callers, who calls us frequently, with all the their statistics (sex, age, location). In the Calls table there is a linked field to choose the regular caller. I would like that if I choose a regular caller all the statistic data I already recorded in the regular caller table to be copied in the Calls table. But lookup fields are not good solutions for this, because if the caller is not a regular one (regular caller field is blank) I need to give these statistics here manually. In case of lookup the system does not allow it.

Is there a solution for this?

Thanks a lot


Either store non-regular callers’ info in the same table and use lookups, or use lookups for the regular callers’ info and have the Automation copy the value of the lookup values into your “regular” fields


Hi there, thanks for the quick answer. We do not want to store all non-regular callers’data. I don not understand the second option. Can you explain it?

Your Calls table has fields for caller statistics, and so does your Regular Callers table. The calls table should have lookup fields to bring in all of the Regular Caller’s statistics.

Since you want Regular Caller’s location data to appear in the same field as irregular callers’ location, you can use an Automation to copy the Lookup field into the “normal” Location field. The trigger for the automation would likely be “when record is updated” (with the Link to Regular Callers field being the one watched for updates). The following support article shows how to use an Update Record step to copy a field value into another field:

thanks Kamille, just to be sure I can understand you well:

I need to duplicate the statistics field in the Calls table, one is a lookup from Regular callers table and another is a simple text field. If I choose in the Calls table a Regular caller, the automation will update the simple text fields from the lookup fields, otherwise I can manually give tha data.

Yes, that is the solution I was suggesting

Thank you, it can work.

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